Six high school students participating in Tennessee’s Governor’s School program at UT were sent home Wednesday after exhibiting influenza-like symptoms. A seventh student is ill, but is not displaying flu-like symptoms. This student will still be sent home.
Jim Boyle, director of UT’s Student Health Service, said the students’ symptoms included fever, sore throat and cough.
“The students who show symptoms of (flu) are either in isolation or being sent home,” Boyle said.
Boyle said these students have been tested for the novel influenza A, also known as H1N1. He said they should know if it is H1N1 by next week.
The students were among 127 attending Governor’s School and were housed in Morrill Hall. All campers have been notified of the situation and have been cautioned to watch for symptoms.
Students on campus have been advised to wear masks, refrain from sharing food and not get too close to other people.
The World Health Organization declared the H1N1 virus a worldwide pandemic on June 11, with more than 70 countries reporting cases of human infection.
“Hopefully we have caught this before its gotten too big,” Boyle said.