On Sunday, over 700 young women entered Thompson-Boling Arena with high hopes for receiving a bid to a sorority.

"I was freaking out because I was so nervous and excited," said Alyssa Perrone, freshman in marketing. "I just wanted to find out as soon as possible, but it felt like every minute was ten years. Once we ripped open the envelopes, it was the best feeling."

The atmosphere is exciting as bids are torn open and the new sisters literally rush to their sisterhood. "All these girls were running around, and the girls who you knew were running up and giving you hugs," said Perone, a new member of Alpha Omicron Pi. "I felt like a part of a sisterhood. I've never experienced something like that... they were all cheering for you and wanting you to be in their sorority."
Even though the day is all about the new members of the sorority, the upperclassmen enjoy reaching the culmination of bid day as well.

The process starts before school begins, with each sorority engaging in a retreat. The sisterhood prepares for recruitment, learning skits, songs and chants, as well as practicing testimonies. All the girls interested in rush register online, and the sororities begin evaluating their applications during the week of recruitment. The process can be grueling, with meetings often lasting until late at night.

Some sisters disaffiliate themselves with their sororities during rush in order to serve as Gamma Chis. Mary Beth Overton, junior in accounting, said, "I wanted to be a Gamma Chi because I wanted to experience the recruitment process from another side." Each Gamma Chi leads their group of rushees, normally around 13 girls, through all the rounds of interviews, hoping to match each potential new member to the sorority that fits their individual traits. "It was so amazing to have the opportunity to guide a group of ladies to their new chapters," Overton said.

The sisters look forward to bid day, an end to the long week of rush and the beginning of a new chapter. "It was awesome meeting all the new women I'll be spending the next four years of my life with," Rachel Baker, sophomore in clinical laboratory science and a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, said.

Bid day is my favorite day of the year, and reuniting with my sisters made it even more perfect," said Overton.