Personal statements are among the many types of writing that may mystify students. Fortunately, UT's Career Services is offering a program to help out.

The seminar on successful personal statements will take place today from 4 to 5 p.m. in Dunford Hall. The session will specifically focus on writing personal statements for graduate school and professional school admissions purposes. The session will be taught by Stephanie Kit, the associate director of Career Services.

"(The session is) designed for students planning to apply to graduate school," Kit said. "Students who are currently in the process or planning to go through it soon will probably find it most applicable."

She added, "I (will be) presenting information at this workshop designed to help students understand what type of information to include in personal statements for graduate school."

Personal statements are essays required by graduate schools as a part of the admissions process.

"They give insight about candidates communication skills, motivation and goals to those who are making admissions decisions. They fill in some of the gaps about candidates that GPA and tests scores don't indicate," Kit said.

Kit also hopes that students will take away some of the key skills that will help them get into graduate programs. She will help students know how to get started on their statement and how to know what to write about. What to include, what not to include, brainstorming, the importance of beginning with an interesting introduction, resources for writing statements and examples of good personal statements are all things that will be covered in the session held today.
"The staff at Career Services will critique students' personal statements and offer them other assistance with the graduate school admissions process," said Kit.

Writing personal statements can be tricky for students to write. Students like Christina Lulich, sophomore in architecture, who haven't written a personal statement for some time can benefit from the session.

"The only time I've written a personal statement was for a scholarship application," Lulich said. "So I haven't written one since my senior year of high school."

For information about what Career Services offers, students can visit Career Service's website at Career Services can also be liked on Facebook at "UT Knoxville Career Services," and followed on Twitter at @VolCareers.