Students passionate about writing have the opportunity to work on their writing skills by participating in UT's Creative Writing Workshop Club.

The Creative Writing Workshop Club is a constructive environment for writers to improve their writing skills in a warm and friendly setting. Although small and relativity unknown, it has existed at the university for many years, and for many of its members, there is absolutely nothing in this world like writing.

As Katherine Cahill, junior in English, said, "You get so wrapped in the story that nothing else exists except the story and the keyboard. You hear nothing, see nothing, and time ceases to matter."

The club will meet today at 7 p.m. at the Panera Bread restaurant located on the Strip.

Nathaniel Berger, senior in computer engineering and the current president of the Creative Writing Workshop Club, is responsible for the revival of the club. After being asked by the previous president to take over the club, he gladly accepted.

"I revived it because no one else would," Berger said. "This is my last semester on campus so I wanted to leave this as my legacy."

The meetings function as a workshop-type event for writers. Submitted works are distributed to members of the club a few days before the meeting.

Members then review the writing, and the works are discussed in detail at the meeting.

Berger hopes that writers gain confidence in their writing skills by participating in the meetings.

"I hope it encourages people to write, and then get their work out when they do write, and encourage others to become comfortable with peer reviews (and) constructively criticizing works," he said.

Cahill also said that her involvement in this club will help develop her skills as a writer and encourage her to write more frequently.

"I'm looking to learn and grow as a writer and improve my writing at the same time. I'm also more likely to write if I'm in this club," she said.

For some writers, it's not easy to start the process, and Cahill hopes that being involved in this club will encourage her to write more.

The club meets at 7 p.m. every Tuesday at the Panera Bread restaurant on the Strip. All majors are welcome to participate. The club encourages all genres to be submitted, including but not limited to fiction writing, creative nonfiction, poetry and screenplays. Experts of novel writing also are welcome.

For more information, students can join the Facebook group called "Creative Writing Workshop Club at the University of Tennessee."