The Student Government Association is doing their part to enable UT's students to determine the course of American history through the upcoming presidential election.

Members of SGA held a voter registration drive Tuesday on Pedestrian Walkway.

From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. members of the Government Affairs committee were posted at a table along Pedestrian Walkway to assist students in the process of registering to vote for November's election.

Volunteers guided potential voters through each step of the registration process and will file the registration cards of those who participated. All students had to do was fill out a generic voter information sheet and hand it back to one of the drive's employees.

SGA members and registration drive workers James Bouchard, junior in nuclear engineering, and Christin Maxwell, undecided freshman, were ecstatic when describing Tuesday's event.

"Over 100 people have registered to vote. For campus, just on Pedestrian Walkway, that is a huge success" Bouchard said.

Maxwell added that many students who registered communicated that they would not have registered otherwise because of the hassle typically associated with the voter registration process.

New registrant William Bultman, freshman in computer engineering, echoed Maxwell's claim.

"The ease of the registration process and the convenient location of the booth provided me with an excellent opportunity to do something good for my country which otherwise would have been too much of a hassle," Bultman said.

The 2012 election will be the first presidential election for which Bultman is eligible to vote.

"The people there were extremely friendly and helpful, and they made me feel comfortable asking what seemed like obvious questions about the voter registration process," he said. "They didn't make me feel incompetent because I was unsure how to register."

Bouchard stressed the importance of participation in the upcoming election.

"The upcoming election is an extremely important election that will shape our future as Americans," Bouchard said.

He said that by registering to vote, students show that they want their opinions to matter.

Students will be able to vote during the presidential election on November 6 in the University Center. Early voting will also be held at the same location.

Those interested in registering to vote through SGA who couldn't make it Tuesday have another chance.

Today, SGA will again have a booth set up on Pedestrian Walkway from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m to assist politically-minded students in registering to vote.

For those who do not usually travel down Pedestrian Walkway, Hodges Library and the Baker Center are also locations where voter registration will be available today.

Students should have their Social Security number on hand when they are ready to fill out a voter registration card.