Over thirty study abroad programs offered students information and free giveaways at Wednesday's Study Abroad Fair.

Cody Young, junior in American studies, was impressed with the event.

"It's fairly intriguing, I really enjoyed the variety that they had here," he said, adding, "I do enjoy some quality swag."

Although not every student walked away with a free stress ball or rain jacket, many of the participants had the opportunity to examine all the opportunities UT has to offer.

Lauren Kelley, manning the booth for Global LEAD, explained the benefits of her program.

"We focus on leadership, service and adventure. It's very much outside the classroom, outside the box," she said.

With programs in Ecuador, Greece and South Africa, Global LEAD gives students a chance to gain six hours of upper division electives by working in a community.

"One of our lessons is application is everything. When you get back to your school and your community we want you to be able to give back," Kelley said.

Global LEAD's focus on adventure is also a big selling point for some students. Emma Lafoy, junior in kinesiology, went to Greece last year with the program. She explained the diverse learning style.

"For me, the best part of Global LEAD was that it was the perfect combination of service, learning and adventure," Lafoy said. "You weren't just going and sitting in a classroom and learning, or you weren't just going and serving others. You were serving at the same time you were taking classes at the same time you were bungee jumping."

The program lasts for five weeks and costs between $4,500-6,000, but there are plenty of scholarship opportunities available. They were offering a random $1,000 scholarship to be chosen from the students who wrote down their email addresses.

Semester at Sea was another study-abroad program represented at the fair. The program provides students class credits while cruising around the globe. James Fealey, the assistant director of admission for the non-profit organization, described the voyage.

"Basically we don't go to one country, we go to notable countries," he said, in a Scottish accent that reinforced the authenticity of his foreign experiences.

With transferrable credits from the University of Virginia, which sponsors the program, Semester at Sea represents the higher end of the pricing spectrum. For $23,000-30,000 in the spring and fall, or $13,000-16,000 in the summer, students can sail around to Europe, Asia or South America. Like Global LEAD, Semester at Sea offers financial aid, giving away $4 million in scholarships. They also accept scholarships from outside organizations.

Young felt that studying abroad, though perhaps not vital to an undergraduate student, is an experience worth pursuing.

"I wouldn't say that it's necessary, but I think it's a very good cultural experience that...everyone should take in once in their lives," he said. "And what better time than in college?"

For more information on studying abroad, please visit http://studyabroad.utk.edu.