In a new ranking by U.S. News and World Report, the UT College of Law is among the top ten as the nation's eighth most efficient law school.

The ranking is not based solely on common figures such as the schools' average LSAT scores, acceptance rates, and placement success after graduation, but rather how well the schools deliver quality educations with less money in order to do so.

As the years have progressed, students and their parents have been faced with the unfortunate reality of the rapidly rising price of a higher education.

"You have to look at the rising cost of education," said Russell Marty, 2008 UT graduate and current lobbyist for the Department of Finance and Administration in Nashville. "UT [College of

Law] is a great school for the money, especially for any Tennessean who wants to stay in-state."

In accordance with the efficiency ranking, Marty referred to the benefits UT's

College of Law offers, which differ from those of a private institution such as Vanderbilt or Harvard.

"An education from UT's law school prepares you for passing the Tennessee bar exam, a feat very beneficial if you want to practice law in state," Marty said.

Derek Paul, a 2011 graduate of Tennessee and a former member of the swim team, offered a similar response regarding his decision to attend UT College of Law and the benefits of the program.

"I spoke with a number of the faculty and a few other local professionals whose opinions I respected greatly," said Paul.

From their aid and guidance, Paul said it was easy to decide that UT College of Law could provide him with the best education for the skills he wanted to employ and the career he wanted to seek in the future.

But UT's College of Law does not pride itself only on the education and atmosphere that its faculty provides.

Paul said there are two components that make the UT law school experience valuable and worthwhile, them faculty being one of them, along with classmates.

"Law school is very different from any other type of education in that the other students in your class really do make the experience more beneficial," Paul said. "I think that UT does an excellent job of bringing in many intelligent students from varying backgrounds to truly give all the students a well-rounded outlook on our legal system.

"We are a great school and have just as much to offer students as even some of the highest ranked school in the nation."