Tuition increases, football coaches come and go, and bulldozers tear the campus down around us, but at the end of the day, it's the student body that keeps the Volunteer spirit alive.

This year, The Daily Beacon has created an issue honoring the students across campus that keep UT in motion. What started as a creativity issue grew into a 12-page feature compilation of various students and their achievements outside of the classroom. The Beacon chose to highlight students who truly embrace their own big ideas.

They are the student artists, the campus trailblazers, the quiet innovators and the people behind the scenes who have made great accomplishments and reflect the big orange spirit of the school in their own uncompromising ways.

From all-around all-stars like Lucy Boateng, who balances late night study sessions and leadership roles on campus, to student-band Cerulia, who take their music beyond jam sessions and to the heights of symphonic melody, UT students get the job done. Take few minutes to learn about the only doctor on campus who knows how to perform surgery on the radio waves through his work at "The Rock" at WUTK.

To the artists, the managers, the entrepreneurs: we appreciate you.

UT students are not simply points plotted a graph tracking UT's path toward the Top 25, but they are also innovators and visionaries whose contributions appear as more than GPA points and credit hours.

These students are sure to make more headlines in the future, bearing UT's torch wherever creativity, imagination and innovation are welcomed.