Students often graduate college without the essential skills needed in order to lock in a job. Career Services has teamed up with the UT Alumni Association and the UT Athletic Department for the inaugural "Networking at Neyland" event.

Kayla Thompson, a Career Services peer career advisor, came up with the idea for the event with the goal of helping and preparing students for the competition of their future job hunt and teaching them skills that will set them apart from other applicants.

"'Networking at Neyland' is an interactive opportunity for UT students to learn the art of networking," Thompson said. "Students from all majors will participate in a mixer where they can practice with as well as gain superior advice from prominent UT alumni and local employers. We designed this event in an effort to educate students on the importance of presenting the total package."

Thompson explained that college students typically possess the textbook requirements such as a good GPA and campus involvement, but they often lack the social and presentation skills like presenting a good first impression or a firm handshake that would set them apart from other applicants.

This is an exclusive event open to juniors and seniors of all majors who are preparing to enter the work force. The students will get the opportunity to receive advice from professionals in various fields, learn how to make a good first impression, practice professional communication skills and gain valuable networking experience.

Lyndsey Phillips, a senior in political science, is hoping to receive helpful advice for her future job hunt.

“I'm hoping to meet some new people and get some great advice on networking in the real world,” Phillips said. “I'm about to enter into a job hunt in about a year and I'd like to get as much insight into what it takes as I can before I begin.”

Hallie King, a senior in communication studies, is excited to receive some final guidance in helping her secure a job after graduating in May.

“It is a great networking opportunity to network and receive advice from professionals in my field,” King said. “This event should give me more contacts to refer back to and also more advice to further my education in the field which should help me receive a job in the end.”

Thompson hopes to give students an idea of what being a great candidate for a job requires.

“With this event, students should leave with a greater perspective on what makes a great job candidate, not just one that looks great on paper,” Thompson said.

This business casual mixer begins at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Spots are still available for any interested junior or senior to sign up on Hire-A-Vol. The event is free to attend and heavy hors d'ouevres will be served.

If you cannot attend this event, Career Services also helps students of all majors and years with various things that prepare students for their future career such as reviewing resumes, career counseling and helping find the proper resources to ease the job hunt. They also hold multiple job and internship fairs throughout the semester for any student on campus to attend.