The annual "Vol Night Long" block party transformed the TRECS on Friday night as students skipped the treadmills in favor of laser tag and free food.

Students entered the TRECS patio to be greeted by a jousting arena where their classmates vied comically to knock each other off a pedestal. Meanwhile on the intramural fields, others rolled by in human hamster ball races. A constant stream of students lined up to tumble around inside the giant plastic bubbles, spinning head-over-heels through cones before dizzily making their way back to the start line.

Also set up on the patio was a small refreshment stand offering attendees an ice cream sundae bar and popcorn. A disc jockey spun a constant mix of popular dance music as students enjoyed the 60 degree temperatures.

Inside the main lobby of the building, about 100 students waited to receive their custom street signs which were produced free of charge for the participants of "Vol Night Long."

"The cotton candy was my favorite part, hands down," Victoria Odell, a junior in anthropology, said.

Two basketball courts in TRECS were completely taken over for "Vol Night Long," one by an inflatable obstacle course and the other by a large game of laser tag.

The laser tag game attracted a long line of students, who played inside a self-contained course. The maze inside the inflatable black bubble was smoky, dark and filled with flashing lights.

Laser tag players were equipped with large, military style guns that looked and felt very real. While the game was intended to be harmless, one player emerged with a bloodied eyebrow and another complained of a busted lip.

Despite the element of danger, the laser tag course appeared to be a favorite among "Vol Night Long" attendees.

"I would have to say the laser tag was my favorite part," Kent Connell, a junior in biological sciences, said. "Getting second place among my friends might be influencing my decision a bit though."

For those feeling less adventurous, there were a few basketball courts open to use. In fact, most of the courts were occupied with players throughout the night.

Although the event offered many forms of entertainment for attendees, Connell said certain aspects could be improved in the future.

"More food," Connell said. "One chicken wing per person just wasn't going to cut it."

Overall, "Vol Night Long" appeared to be a success. Hundreds of students flowed in and out of the TRECS from the event's start at 10:00 p.m. until its ending at 2:00 a.m.

"I came out because my friends and I went to 'Vol Night Long' last year and had a blast," Connell said. "'Vol Night Long' was a cool way to unwind after a long week."