History was made last week in more ways than one.

Alumni who returned to campus Saturday witnessed a homecoming unlike ever before.

Mary Beth Overton and Dani Rosenberg became the first double winners of the homecoming court; the Homecoming Highnesses were selected from the eight finalists, which included two men for the first time in UT history.

Also breaking with tradition, Alpha Chi Omega sorority teamed up with Phi Mu, rather than a fraternity, for homecoming. Katie Bareswilt, a junior in industrial engineering was more than happy with the result.

"It was great seeing two sororities build a large float by themselves," Bareswilt said. "All girls, it was great."

Ashton Rummage, All Campus Events' co-homecoming chair, said though she may be graduating, she knows she's leaving the event in capable hands.

"There's always stuff that we want to redo, improve upon," Rummage said. "There's not just one little thing, there's a bunch of little things that we will start working on next week. I'm going to pass on the torch to someone else, and improve upon and make it bigger."

Rummage was proud of some of the minor rule changes for this year, such as allowing participating groups to start preparing floats a month early. Will Hodge, a senior in sport management, agreed this change was for the better.

"We saw a lot more effort from organizations," Hodge said. "You just saw a little bit better turnout from last year, I think everyone is excited about Tennessee football and homecoming."

ACE is making strides to encourage more non-Greek organizations to join homecoming festivities. Hodge, a member of Kappa Alpha fraternity, said this diversity will go a long way toward making a better UT.

"I think it's awesome," he said. "I think we should get the whole campus involved ... (to create a) little more unity."

Scott White, director's chair for ACE and a senior in supply chain management, said he was glad to see the changes this year to homecoming.

"It was cool to have Smokey's Howl during the basketball game," White said. "What I hope for that event is for the finals to turn into pep rally event. This homecoming showed me the hard work and effort that groups put on, for ACE to even have homecoming that's really neat to see."