Mud, cash and partying.

Lakeshore Park and All Campus Events hosted Volunteer Vengeance, a Campus Carnage event, on Saturday that combined all of the aforementioned facets.

Founded by UT alumnus Hassaan Stamps, Volunteer Vengeance is a race which combines elements of an obstacle course with components of a scavenger hunt.

"Words cannot express how excited I am to bring Campus Carnage to the University of Tennessee," Stamps said. "With over 400 participants and spectators, it was a fantastic atmosphere."

Bearing the slogan, "Mud, Cash, Party!" Volunteer Vengeance promised an exciting day for participants and attendees alike, with games, cash prizes and lots of mud.

Alec Murphy, sophomore in marketing, was crowned "Carnage King" after being the first to cross the finish line covered in what he described as "oil and mud and... I don't know what."

The participants ran, crawled and climbed over several obstacles, including UT themed hurdles such as "the Hill," which Murphy said, "got really steep at one point. You had to use a ladder."

Several teams participated in the race, wearing costumes ranging from tutus, capes and even full body paintings of the American flag.

In its inaugural year, Campus Carnage has also held successful events at Purdue University and the University of Southern Illinois. Hoping to grow his program and expand to more schools, Stamps is, "in it for the long haul."

Stamps said he was inspired to create this organization while outside of the Olympic Stadium in London.

"What I took away from the Olympic experience was the people I met from all over the world and their sheer enjoyment of conversation and community," Stamps said. "I knew at that moment I wanted to create an experience that created those cherished moments."

Aside from promoting active, healthy lifestyles, Campus Carnage is partnered with a charity organization called Stop Hunger Now that has been working to feed the 870 million hungry people in the world since 1998.

"As I was coming up with this platform I wanted to do my part to help end world hunger," Stamps said.

Stop Hunger Now has a unique meal packaging program that Campus Carnage aims to bring to every campus it hosts an event at, which allows students, faculty and community members to put together meals to be sent to those in need.

Volunteer Vengeance arrived at UT with plans to raise enough money to package and send 10,000 meals, but fell short of that goal.

"Our charity partner Stop Hunger Now will be able to pack meals somewhere in the 5,000-6,000 range," Stamps said. "Not the 10,000 we set as our goal but that just means next year we can crush it and set a new and better goal.

"... I think the event was a great start for year one of an annual event."