Craig Jones, sophomore, global studies and political science

"Republican representatives who were elected in heavily conservative districts are responding to strong opposition to healthcare reform in their districts, but doing so by shutting down the government seems counterproductive in my view. Essentially, polarization in Washington seems to have taken away the incentive for Congress to seek reasonable compromise and act in the country's best interest."

Thomas Carpenter, sophomore, classics

"You can easily blame both sides in this case, but I think the GOP is more at fault than the Democrats. Whether you supported it or not, Congress passed Obamacare, President Obama signed it and the Supreme Court upheld it. It seems that the GOP is holding us hostage, not just by postponing our right to reformed health care, but by also shutting down the entire government."

Gracie McGuire, senior, animal science

"I understand that there's debt and that we have to be able to pay back the debt that we've incurred from other countries. But at the same time, the government's there to support its citizens, and by completely shutting down, it's doing a disservice to us."

Kelsey Fritz, sophomore, history

"As a history major, I'm very interested in the national parks, especially the historical ones, and if they remain closed nobody can learn about our nation's history."

Stephanie Smith, sophomore, psychology

"A friend whose husband is based at Fort Pendleton in California was talking about the government shutdown, and commented about how the base is pretty much entirely shut down ... They were saying that the next thing to go is their healthcare, if I read her message correctly. So, it's kind of freaking people out in the military because their futures are uncertain."

Olivia Oliasani, sophomore, undecided

"The government needs an attitude check so they will actually work together and create a compromise instead of wasting all our time and tax dollars ...They should be thinking about the people."

Brian Sykes, senior, political science

"The government always has the responsibility to do its job and stay running. I think it's really sad that they can't come together and deliver a compromise to find a solution to this."

Jacob Clabo, junior, double major in finance and public administration

"I'm conservative so I really agree with the policy positions the House Republicans are taking, but I don't necessarily agree with the method they're using to achieve their policy goals."