This week, Sexual Empowerment and Awareness in Tennessee will hold a "Sex Week Fall Preview," giving students a peek into what's in store for spring.

Brianna Rader, a founder and co-chair for "Sex Week," organized two events, along with SEAT, to highlight the best of what is to come.

"We know what was popular last year, such as 'Sex in the Dark,' and it's a fun event that students really enjoyed," Rader said. "And the Q&A panel was the best way to cover many of the events we did last spring into one."

Falling into Your Sexuality, a Q&A with a professional panel, will be held in the UC Auditorium on Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Here, students will submit questions via text message. Panel members will include Timothy Hulsey, associate provost and director of University Honors; Tory Mills, a representative of Planned Parenthood; Anita Blatnik, a local nurse practitioner and John Tirro, chaplain for the Tyson House Episcopal-Lutheran Campus Ministry.

The preview's second event, "Sex in the Dark," will take place at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 9 in the UC Auditorium. At this event, attendees will submit written questions and – with the lights turned off – answer their peers' questions anonymously using glow sticks.

"It's about peer-to-peer discussion," Rader said. "We do have a couple health professionals there as well to help out.

"It's a comfortable and private environment, but it's fun at the same time."

Brandon Darr, a sophomore in linguistics, works with membership outreach for SEAT and said he looks forward to recruiting fellow students.

"The easiest way to get involved with 'Sex Week' is simply to talk about the week and these topics with everyone and to encourage people to attend the week," Darr said.

Courtney Henderson, junior in psychology, attended one of last year's events and said she believes they are a valuable asset to UT's campus.

"It gives people the opportunity to not fear sex and actually get information," Henderson said. "Sex is a topic that a lot of people are afraid to talk about especially in public. But, everybody does 'it,' so I think that 'Sex Week' gets people out of their comfort zone and gets them willing to talk about certain things."

Kelsey Truitt, a freshman in food science, believes the events are important for both men and women.

"It is important because we have to be knowledgeable on all aspects of sex," Truitt said. "There may be things about girls' anatomy some guys aren't completely aware of."

Darr said he hopes the preview's events will keep UT students in eager anticipation for spring's full "Sex Week."

"This preview will give everyone an idea of what is to come in March by touching on the many seminars that will be held during our full 'Sex Week,'" Darr said. "Hopefully, this will allow people to focus on topics that interest them and to seek out those seminars in March to learn more about them."