Engineering majors rejoice. While remaining a notoriously challenging course, students can find relief in the RISER program, standing for Research and Instructional Strategies for Engineering Retention.

Designed to help students succeed in the engineering program, the initiative is meant to help graduates find success in their careers.

"The opportunities are amazing," said Brandy Manka, a sophomore in civil engineering. "Itʼs great to have the opportunity to do research like this at such a young age."

Manka credits many of her academic achievements to her involvement in the RISER program. She recently won an award for research which was funded by grants received through RISER.

The program is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation and has provided a springboard for students in the engineering field.

Students enrolled in the program have the privilege of being placed together in a first-year calculus course following the request of a group of engineering students.

"They wanted to be together," Elizabeth Ferguson, RISER Coodinator, said. "It introduces students to like-minded individuals."

Currently, 160 freshman are enrolled in the program in addition to a handful of carefully selected honors women.

Students seeking admission to the RISER program do so by submitting an application through the engineering department.

More information can be found on the RISER program at the group's website here.