Roller skates and music were in abundance Friday night at the Central Entertainment Board's Vol Night Long.

This month's event occurred at Skatetown, located 15 minutes from campus. The night diverged from the usual Pedestrian Walkway or TRECS location so attendees were able to rollerblade with friends on an off-campus site – a first for the celebration.

"The concessions were full of plenty of people socializing all night," Corey Hodge, junior in African-American studies, said. "They had free food, but the best part for me was the rollerskating, which I love.

"To be able to skate and enjoy myself with my peers is also a plus."

Hodge said this was his first Vol Night Long attendance, and he was impressed by the event's setup and the turnout from students.

"It was very effective, the majority of students are used to being up late at night anyway, plus it was on the weekend which is convenient for everyone," Hodge said. "The only thing I would critique is the bus scheduling. It was kind of tricky because some people had to leave really early when things were just picking up to be able to catch a ride back to campus."

DJ Mike Nasty and DJ Logan Garrett played music for the event. Hodge praised both disc jockeys and the music they incorporated.

"Everyone was able to enjoy it whether you were black, white or had different musical tastes, they did a good job of appealing to all students," Hodge said.

The event celebrated the birthday of UT's mascot, Smokey, with volunteers handing out cupcakes and ice cream throughout the night. Many students dressed for the occasion with high-knee soccer socks to emulate a '70s "roll bounce" theme.

"I absolutely love skating and appreciated the creativeness of this event," Sara Akalu, freshman in advertising, said. "It wasn't just the usual thing that a school offers and provided a good alternative for students."

Patrons took photos on the rink with friends and a few performed tricks while skating.

Hodge and other attendees agreed that another Skatenight would be enjoyable and that they were looking forward to more Vol Night Long events.

Unlike last year, students will have the chance to attend Vol Night Long events every month, whereas in the past it was only an annual celebration.

CEB members were staffed at the event throughout the night, greeted incoming students and offered party favor candy bags at the event's close. The CEB hopes to provide students with other options for going out this year and provide a safe venue to have fun with friends.