SGA is on the hunt for students willing to put "Big Ideas" into action.

The SGA Ambassadors Program is a new student services committee designed to serve the student body and campus community in multiple forms, said Jacob Clark, senior director of the program.

SGA Ambassadors will be involved in activities concerning the campus community's needs.

These activities range from volunteering at a large involvement fair to aiding a group of students in a project to performing service projects on campus.

"This committee will be a resource for other organizations that need extra assistance with programs," said SGA Press Secretary Kelsey Keny, "so ambassadors will serve as a link between SGA and other areas of campus life.

"The concept of SGA Ambassadors certainly embodies the volunteer spirit: finding out what our campus community needs and then working to meet those needs," Keny added. "This committee has a heart of service, and it's a means for students to foster support and camaraderie at UT."

The job is flexible for its members as well as the organizations they serve.

"The Student Government Association is taking a serious tone towards service, and creating the SGA Ambassadors Program is a step in the right direction to practicing what we preach," Clark said.

Any student in "good-standing" is eligible. With 300 different student organizations to aid and assist around campus, SGA is searching for diversity and variety in applicants.

"If we want to serve the entire student body, the entire student body must be represented in our committee," Clark said.

Although the program is still new to UT, Jake Baker, student body president, is very excited about this new way to "accomplish our mission" of creating a stronger relationship between student organizations and SGA.

Some anticipate the program will not only teach a great deal about campus and student life, but also bolster their resume.

"The SGA Ambassadors Program seems like a great way to get involved, which is something I'm always looking to do, and it might even help me stand out when applying for a career in the future," said Emily Daves, an undecided freshman. "You will also be exposed to different aspects of student life that you might not have ever experienced."

Applications are up online and new members are expected to be announced soon.

"If you are interested in getting involved on campus, but you are not sure where to start, SGA Ambassadors is for you," Baker said.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Student Services Director Grant Davis at with any questions.