Especially for students, finding a job in Knoxville can be an intensified treasure hunt.

With a freshman class of more than 4,300 students, getting hired is proving more difficult than ever.

In an effort to make employment resources more accessible, Career Services hosted a Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday from 2-5 p.m. Forty-seven employers, ranging from Goodwill to Walmart to Volunteer Dining, assembled in the University Center Ballroom.

Organizations such as Peace Corps, Boys and Girls Club and Salvation Army were also in attendance to speak to students about volunteering as well as employment.

UT students of all levels attended the event, receiving tags listing their names and majors before setting off across a sea of booths.

Despite initial excitement, some attendees left discouraged.

"We are international students and it was mostly off-campus jobs," said Xiaolin Chen, a sophomore accounting major. "As an international student, I don't do work off campus. For the UC job, there's only one position available, so you see, what can you do? It'd be nice if we could find on-campus jobs, small and realistic and to know whether we can get it or not."

Many of the companies attending the job fair referred students to online applications with few representatives present to interact.

"Most of it can be applied for online," said Jack Francis, sophomore studying music.

Other students wished that the event was more major-specific.

"I was mainly looking for something with nutrition and fitness," Richard Shillinglaw, senior in political science, said. "Kroger and Wendy's weren't really what I was looking for."

William Nunn, a junior in journalism and electronic media, showed interest in employment as a result of the job fair.

"I got to talk to a few people already," Nunn said. "I've already applied for a few places, some of which I'm a little iffy about, but some I'm really interested in checking out.

"I'd definitely come back if they had more companies showing up," Nunn continued. "You've got a few fast food places; you've got other restaurant companies. I was thinking a little bit more like you would have some people from downtown, like some of those companies, maybe some more restaurants or theaters."

For more information about Career Services and future job fairs, visit their website at