Seizing their last opportunity to garner student support prior to voting, the newest set of student government candidates packed Pedestrian Walkway with tents and tables, talking to students on their way to class. We Are UT, [Insert], Keny-Dugosh and Grant Davis for Trustee spread the word about their policy platforms while handing out free candy and items marked with campaign logos.

Passing students shared their views about the election with The Daily Beacon.

Grant Davis, running for the Board of Trustees position, speaks with a student on Pedestiran Walkway on Tuesday.

Carly Frensley, right, speaks with a student about the We Are UT campaign on Predestrain Walkway on Tuesday.

Quinn "Stone Cold" Cowan, left, and Kyle "Iceblood" White, center, of the [Insert] campaign hand out push cards to students on Pedestrian Walkway on Tuesday.

Kelsey Keny, presidental candidate for Keny-Dugosh, speaks with a student about the campaign's policy points on Pedestrian Walkway on Tuesday.