Bron Taylor, a professor of religion, nature and environmental ethics at the University of Florida, will speak on Thursday at the University Center from 7-9 p.m.

Sponsored by the Issues Committee, Taylor will present a lecture titled "Spirituality After Darwin: Dark Green Nature Religion As a New, Global Religious Movement," which will explore the intersection of religion, nature, and environmentalism.

Blaire Hamilton, graphic design director for the Issues Committee, proposed Taylor after noticing a trend in divinity on campus.

"I've heard so many of my friends say things like, 'Nature is my religion,' or 'I'm spiritual but not religious,'" said Hamilton, a senior in religious studies. "Dr. Taylor really addresses these topics, and I think it will be something lots of students will enjoy."

Already an uncommon choice of programming for the hosting committee, Taylor's lecture marries two typically disparate topics.

"Religion is not something that issues events touch on very often, especially when paired with environmentalism," said Thomas Carpenter, social media director for the Issues Committee and sophomore in classics. "So it brings a great deal of diversity to our event lineup and offers a lot for different groups of students."

Taylor is also a Caron Fellow of the Rachel Carson Center at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Muchen, and an Affiliated Scholar with the Center for Environment and Development at Oslo University in Oslo, Norway. He earned his Ph.D. in social and religious ethics from the University of Southern California.