He walks eight miles a day. Most students barely drive that amount.

You may see him walking across Gay Street Bridge, listening to podcasts. You may have eaten the sandwich made by him at Market Square's Tomato Head. You may have heard him this morning as your radio host on 90.3 The Rock.

At 5 a.m., Matt Moon, a 33-year-old senior in journalism and electronic media, begins his daily trek to campus.

Moon started working at the student station as an outside project required for a prerequisite journalism course. He continues to work there for enjoyment. 

"You're listening to 90.3, The Rock," Moon announces. "This is from a band called Yuck, new music from them. Song's called 'Middle Sea' from their new album, 'Glow and Behold.'"

Moon dreams of working as a radio host at National Public Radio. He first attended UT in 1999 as a Child and Family Studies major.

He met his wife, Gina, in marching band before deciding to drop out in 2003. Gina said she can't recall his parents and friends making a big deal about his decision to leave school.

"He didn't really care about his major, so I didn't see the point in continuing," she said. "We didn't really talk about it in depth."

After dropping out, Moon held numerous jobs. He decided to return to school after quitting an office job at the Jackson, Tenn., office for the Department of Transportation.

"Two years ago, I weighed 220 pounds and smoked and sat around all the time," Matthew Moon said. "I had a terrible job. I got sick of being unhealthy, being unhappy, so I went back to school, stopped smoking and lost 75 pounds."

Gina Moon supported his decision to return and has since witnessed that choice transform her husband.

"It was a really scary thing for him to go back to school and he wasn't really sure that he could handle it," Gina Moon said. "He's a completely different student than the first time around."

Classes, work and volunteering at the student radio station keep Matthew Moon busy. He said he sleeps less than five hours most nights, but coffee and runs keep him going.

"I'm kind of a workaholic. ... It's probably going to kill me at some point, but I don't know. I don't want to stop. I have fun."

While his many responsibilities admittedly strain his marriage, Matthew Moon said he has never been happier. He's making changes and friends. He's also finding himself.

"It's nice to put those puzzle pieces together," he said, "because I didn't do it when I was supposed to, when I was like 18 to 22."