Knoxville police are investigating a shooting that occurred Tuesday night at an apartment complex in the Fort Sanders neighborhood that left three victims wounded.

Officers responded to the shooting at the Highland Terrace apartment complex on the corner of 13th Street and Highland Avenue at 8:11 p.m. and found two victims, one male and one female, shot more than one time inside one of the apartments, according to KPD spokesman Darrell DeBusk.

A few moments later, Knoxville police located another male victim at 21st Street and Highland suffering from at least one gunshot wound.

DeBusk said all three were transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and are expected to survive their injuries.

The University of Tennessee Police Department issued a UT Alert at 8:25 p.m. describing the shooter as a "black male accompanied by three other black males, all wearing dark hooded sweatshirts."

Aside from those listed in the alert, KPD did not reveal any more specifics regarding potential suspects.

Currently, DeBusk said police are working to obtain a search warrant to investigate the apartment where the shooting occurred.

"It's still very early," DeBusk said, "and we're still trying to gather together exactly what everyone saw."

Based on information collected by KPD, DeBusk indicated the shooting was not a "random event."

"We have developed some information, at this point," DeBusk said, "that would indicate that the victim and suspects know each other."

Chandler Rasnake, a junior in business, was visiting a friend's apartment in the Highland Terrance complex when he heard "10 or so" gun shots and peeked outside.

"At first (the shots) sounded a little more muffled, and we thought they were like fireworks," Rasnake said. "They were all really fast, like really close together, and then the last couple ones were louder.

"We kind of ducked on the ground because we didn't know how close they were. There was someone out on the ledge, pressed against the railing laid against his back and from there they took two people down on stretchers.

"They were both talking, one was a girl and one was a guy and they were both conscious."

Nick Looney, a senior in political science who recently moved into the apartment complex, said he knew of at least three domestic disturbances in the Highland Terrace complex since Jan. 7.