SGA held its mandatory election interest meeting Thursday night in the UC Shiloh Room drawing a full house – approximately 170 people.

Opening with an address from Dean of Students Jeff Cathey encouraging candidates to maintain "perspective," the meeting detailed a revised election packet and solicited preliminary submissions from candidates seeking a place on the ballot.

Warning the meeting would be "dry," Election Commissioner John Keny elaborated on the regulations defined in the packet, which governs campaign finances and the distribution of campaign materials. Notable packet requirements include a maximum budget of $12,500; compulsory "value reports" outlining spending throughout campaign week; and the commission's explicit jurisdiction on and off campus.

In addition, an added position, "Board of Trustees representative" is now available for election, a role that permits one student to serve a two-year term (one year as a non-voting member) within the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees.

With election season in its infancy, campaign members remain tentative. Appendices and signs will not appear on campus until Feb. 21, and social media endorsements and speaking engagements will begin on Feb. 23 and 24 respectively.

Campaign materials may be released to the public on March 31, and online voting begins April 2. Elected officials will be announced on April 3. For more information, visit