When Cody "Big Honey" Walsh is visited by God, it is an "out of body experience," like going to Sonic and finding that all the drinks are free, or seeing the Lego movie – twice.

A deeply religious, NASCAR-watching man, Walsh views God's will like a game of Frisbee with a dog – God throws, and Walsh proudly retrieves. Becoming the next student trustee is now part of God's plan for Walsh, under the tenets of the Insert campaign. But, for Walsh, Insert is not merely an SGA platform; it's a "no reins held back" lifestyle, not unlike that of " a mule that just woke up from sleep and it's really angry."

But, Walsh amended, a "good kind of angry."

Why did you decide to run for the Board of Trustees Representative?

"I felt compelled by the Lord and started convulsing in tongues and the Lord told me, 'Cody, I want you to lead the people out of the land of oppression to milk and honey.' From that point, I've been driven by the will and love of the Lord."

It is from this notion of "milk and honey" that Walsh got his nickname approximately 60 days ago.

If elected, what are some of the major issues you plan to address?

Tackling student dissent and the worldwide "rise in population" at once, Walsh is most excited about Insert's "new and intuitive way" of paying for tuition.

"The Lord came to me when I was watchin' 'The Prince of Egypt' the other day and I saw when Pharaoh had to sacrifice his firstborn and I was like, 'This here man, he's on to something." So I propose, to pay for tuition, we sacrifice firstborn children."

Why should you be elected as the Board of Trustees Representative?

"Oh, there's many reasons. I'd say the love of the Lord. But, most importantly, I'm 'Big Honey' and I got Big Ideas ... and it's just all about that. Revolves around the general prophetic statement of 'I'm Big Honey and I ain't gonna steal your money.'"