Grant Davis has served SGA for four years – and he'd like to serve another two as UT's Board of Trustees representative.

Davis, a senior in biosystems engineering, is the current SGA Student Services Director. But even when he's not working for SGA, Davis is still busy building a drone for his senior design project, doing philanthropy work with his fraternity Alpha Gamma Row, and serving on Honors Council. He also likes to go fishing.

Why did you decide to run for the Board of Trustees Representative?

"I was one of the people that got rid of the meal plan. I had that bonfire on Fiji Island. I started Big Orange Fridays. The Athletic Department is trusting me to name the student section. No one else running has done that. No one else is protecting their rights. They weren't with me at 3:30 this morning stuffing envelopes to send to Nashville to protect their student organization rights. That's why I decided to run. I know that I've got the record to do it, I've got the relationships to do it, and I've got the know-how to be successful as trustee."

If elected, what are some of the major issues you plan to address?

"First and foremost, student organizational rights is a big issue. ... I want to work with the trustees to come up with a solution to that problem in Nashville. And essentially to make sure we have the ability to say what we need to say on campus, to allow anyone to do any event that they would like to on campus, within reason.

"Second, I want to be there fighting as a regular student. I just want to be the student voice on the committee – someone that's been around. Someone that's had these type of conversations for the last four years. I want to continue to have them for the next two and I think that's very important."

Why should you be elected as the Board of Trustees Representative?

"This is what I tell people: Do you like that meal plan? You didn't? I helped you get rid of it. That's why you should vote for me. That's what sets me apart – I've had the experience and no one else has.

"I want to continue to fight for student organizational rights. I've taken that as my biggest issue. I've been in Nashville twice for this issue and I'm probably going to go back. They know who I am, they've seen my name, they know that there's this guy up at UT-Knoxville that is standing firm for what he believes in and for what the students of UT believe in."