Robert James Duncan was always meant to be a Vol. The sophomore from Williamson County, Tenn., double majoring in business finance and marketing, said the decision was simple. Thanks to family tradition and a life-long love for UT, Duncan's trip to Knoxville was "like coming home."

A candidate for student Board of Trustees representative, RJ now hopes to "provide a voice" for his fellow residents.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

"I believe that serving as the Board of Trustees Representative for the University of Tennessee is a chance to make a difference by helping fellow Vols through advocating for you. I am passionate about working together with students and faculty to craft solutions to real issues, and this would be an incredible way to serve."

If elected, what are some of the major issues you plan to address?

"The biggest "hot button" issue right now in SGA is the Student Fees legislation being discussed in Nashville. I hope to continue to address this in the best interest of UT students. As a part of the board I will have the opportunity to work on problems that the University System is facing on the State level. One of these is that the UT Space Institute in Tullahoma is not directly represented on the Board of Trustees. I would like to bridge the gap between the Space Institute their representation on Board."

Why should you be elected as Board of Trustees Representative?

"As a marketing intern for UT Dining I am able to present the students needs to administrators. Being a part of the Greek community has helped me understand the interconnectedness of students and a need to address better relationships between administration. The servant-leadership values of BYX (Brothers Under Christ) continue to inspire me and are a foundation to my character. Other than my time here at UT, nothing has prepared me better for this position than my longtime service as an Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America. The Scout Oath begins with the phrase, "On my honor, I will do my best..." and I would like to extend this promise to my position."