It's finally here. After two months of subzero temperatures and a double snowpocalypse, it's time to bust out the shorts, slip on the Chacos and hit the...beach? Go home? Explore a new city? Wherever you decide to go, it will be a welcome break from classes. Here's some last-minute trip ideas if you still aren't sure where to go.


Seemingly an obvious or even boring choice, a week at home can provide a much-needed escape from college life. Catch up with an old friend, play with your dog and enjoy mom's home-cooked meals. Afterward, you'll return to campus feeling well-rested and refreshed. You could even bring your roommate home with you and show them your old stomping grounds.

The Beach

Whether it's Panama City Beach in the Sunshine State, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina or Georgia's Tybee Island, this classic destination never gets old. Enjoy a book with your toes in the sand, listen to the sound of the ocean, and come back with a killer tan. Alternatively, you could join a group of friends, party the week away, and still come back with a killer tan. Just remember to pack the sunblock, beach-goers. Sunburns are never fun.

Washington, D.C.

It will take you all day to get there, but once you spot the Washington Monument and step off the underground metro to the National Mall, it will be worth it. Spend your break reliving history and visit the Smithsonian Museums or the national monuments. You could even rent a paddle boat outside the Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin and enjoy the view. Visit the International Spy Museum and practice your best Ethan Hunt.

Atlanta, Ga.

Just three and a half hours from Knoxville, Hotlanta offers plenty of history and excitement to eager spring breakers. Visit Olympic Park, check out the Coke Museum or stop by the zoo to see Mel Lun and Mel Huan – the only twin pandas in the United States. Six Flags Over Georgia is also just a mere 20 minutes from Downtown.

New York City, N.Y.

A day's drive (or Megabus ride) from Knoxville, the Big Apple has plenty of excitement to offer. From the glitz and glam of Times Square and Rockefeller Center, to the tranquility of Central Park, NYC has sight-seeing options in spades. Make a point of seeing the Statue of Liberty, the new Freedom Tower or a Broadway play. Afterward, say hello to your favorite celebrity at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.