Connor Dugosh, a member of the Keny-Dugosh campaign, never imagined he would run for vice president. A junior in English with a concentration in creative writing, Dugosh came from his hometown of Murfreesboro, Tenn., in search of the "big school experience" and, of course, a football team. And it seems he's found it – Dugosh is a UT ambassador, orientation leader, member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity, member of the Interfraternity council, Freshman Council co-advisor and an SGA senator.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

"Running for vice president wasn't even on my radar until the end of last semester. It came up in conversations with people who said I would make a good vice president. And so I went on the SGA constitution and went down to the job description for vice president and I was just kind of able to check off everything, like 'I could do this, I could do this.' I thought I'm definitely qualified and fully experienced, and from that point on it was just finding someone who I was comfortable running with and I definitely found that with Kelsey."

What major issues do you plan to address, if elected?

"I think I would look at SGA internally. For example, I have a list of ways to make Freshman Council better for the sake of those 44 freshmen who get chosen, and having been a senator for two years, I definitely know what areas need to be improved.

"I want to make SGA a lot more visible throughout campus. I think that if we're an organization that claims to be the voice of the students, we need to be a lot more visible in different areas of campus. So we need to work more closely with other offices, like the Center for Leadership and Service, and have a presence at orientation and Welcome Week and get more student input."

What aspects of past vice presidents' terms do you think went well and what could have been done better?

I think Paige this year did a really good job and I think I'll definitely be going off of what she's implemented and building it even further. I think it's important for someone who has been in meetings with her and heard the things that she has wanted to improve to take what she has started and move forward with it to give SGA some groundwork to build off of in the future. That's something I definitely look forward to."

Why should you be elected as vice president?

"I think I should be elected because of the qualifications and the experience that I have on campus and the fact that I did not like SGA for two years. I really didn't. In the last campaign, I felt like it was a lot of talking just to talk and people trying to feel important. I saw a lot of people who weren't in there for the right reasons and a lot of the best leaders on our campus have never been involved in SGA.

"But being appointed Freshman Council Adviser and just seeing how Jake and Paige were able to improve SGA in small ways really gave me some fire under my feet and made me think that this is something that I could do."