A junior in business, Carly Frensley brought her entire family to Big Orange Country. After casting her bid with UT at the age of 18, Frensley left Rochester, Mich., with her family in tow. Upon arriving in Knoxville, Frensley felt instantly at home. Today, she hopes to extend that feeling of belonging to her fellow Vols as a member of the We are UT campaign and a candidate for SGA president.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

"Over the past couple of years, I've been blessed with a ton of leadership opportunities, and I have loved giving back to the university and really getting to meet our student body. So, I want to get connected with all the students. I want to give the students a voice."

If elected, what are some of the major issues you plan to address?

"Within the first hundred days of being elected, (vice president candidate) Jack (Johnson) and I would like to sit down with any student organization – any fraternity, sorority and even any student, one-on-one, sit down and really get to know their needs ... and help them understand how you take the steps to make those changes happen. (To) be their connector to administration, be their connector to community resources, and allow them to do the things that they're passionate about."

Frensley also spoke about her campaign's plans to push an initiative for paperless student football tickets.

How are you planning to reach out to students as a campaign?

"We've been trying to get involved with any and every organization that will speak to us. ... What's great about our campaign is, yes, we have a lot of people who are in similar organizations ... but at the same because it's so many people being pulled from so many different areas ... we have 130 students that are from similar backgrounds, but also very different backgrounds."

Why should you be elected president?

"I love to lead. I know that leading comes with following, as well, and I feel that I follow best by really listening to people and really listening to what their passion is. I'm a very passionate person. I get really excited about stuff ... but I think I'm really good at sitting down and hearing what you have to say. ... It's my final year at UT and it has given so much to me, and I just want to be able to give it all back."