Kelsey Keny is "dependable, compassionate and a little crazy." And, despite spending her first semester at Belmont, she loves UT. This is where Keny found what was "missing" elsewhere. Since transferring to UT in the spring of 2012, Keny has become the press secretary for SGA, a Student Alumni Associate, a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and part of UT Singers. As a reporter for The Volunteer Channel, Keny loves "hearing people's stories." Putting her passion for communication to use, Keny, a member of the Keny-Dugosh campaign, is now a candidate for SGA president.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

"Last year when we had the incident with Dining Dollars and then this year with the student fees issue, it has made me realize how much I want to reach out to people and do everything I can to care about them and find out what they want, what we want as a student body and to make those things happen."

If elected, what major issues do you plan to address?

"The issue with student fees is ongoing. I don't foresee that going away any time in the near future. That's something (vice president candidate) Connor (Dugosh) and I both care about and are going to keep pushing for.

"... We want to implement policy points that are simple and relatable, whether that's securing phone chargers in the library or instituting a tailgate for all students to attend on game days – we want to do things that matter to people and that aren't just false promises to guarantee."

What aspects of past presidents' terms do you think went well and what could have been done better?

"(Current SGA president) Jake (Baker) has done a really good job with his videos this year and always telling people what's happening. He puts that information out there. Do students have to click a button to access it? Yeah ... but the fact is he's putting it out there for them. And that's something we always want to do. We always want to keep people in the loop.

"I think that's what I would have wanted to see from SGA presidents in the past: even more outreach to everyone and not just the same hundred people or so who are involved in student government."

Why should you be elected as President?

"I'm not really that cool, but I care a lot about people. The one thing that I can promise to people is that I work my butt off for the things I care about. When I say I'm going to do something for you, I'm going to do it. ... I'm in this because I care about people, and I'm in this because I just want to be that quirky individual that everyone can relate to."