Sometimes the weather can play a huge factor in what we feel like eating. In the winter we tend to eat warmer, filling comfort foods. In the spring we gravitate toward lighter options. Lately, Knoxville has been experiencing unusual weather conundrums. Sometimes it is both cold and warm within the span of a single day. What is a foodie to do?

I have found a place that caters to both weather conditions and especially recommends itself as a spring spot I will be returning to as the spring season more fully approaches. The French Market Crêperie located on Gay Street covers the sweet and savory spectrum like no other restaurant. Their cultivated French menu comes from the owners' personal food experiences when they traveled to France.

I stopped by the French Market Crêperie on one of the rare days last week that was slightly warm. I wanted a change of pace from the winter-like meals I'd been having that week. I ordered a chicken salad croissant sandwich, salt and vinegar chips, and an Orangina sparkling soda.

French Market Crêperie gives you the chance to experience the perfect spring meal.

Sitting near the window at a little café-like table while the sun peaked out from behind a cloud, I was granted a beautiful glimpse of what I want my spring to be like. The atmosphere of the crêperie along with the décor would transport anyone to France in the springtime. My food was absolutely divine. The chicken salad, made with celery and dill, was light and crisp. It had no onions in it, which would've been my kryptonite. Luckily, they don't make chicken salad with onions in France. The star of the sandwich was definitely the light, buttery croissant. It was flaky and delicious. The Orangina soda, which is native to Europe but can be found at specialized local food markets, further highlighted the spring qualities of the meal.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my meal. There is something refreshing about a light dinner followed by a Nutella crêpe with strawberries and whipped cream. As the spring season approaches, remember to enjoy the sunshine with some good eats. No matter what you're doing this spring, a light picnic or stop at a café will always make it even better. Bon Appetit!

A light dinner means you can splurge a little on dessert with this Nutella crepe filled with strawberries.

Jessica Carr is a sophomore in journalism and electronic media. She aspires to be a professional food blogger and food magazine editor. She can be reached at or followed on Twitter at @jcarr_94.