I was immediately intrigued when I heard the Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop was opening on Kingston Pike. Knoxville is filled with yogurt places, coffee shops and even cupcakeries. All these places are great, but they offer less variety in exchange for a convenient sweet treat.

Upon entering the small shop, your eyes fix on the display cases with all different varieties of pies shown. It can be a little overwhelming, but the employees at Buttermilk Sky are some of the sweetest Southern women you'll ever meet. When I went, the woman working offered suggestions and even the ingredients of any pie I inquired about. I chose to go traditional and taste the buttermilk pie the shop was named after. My roommate got their apple pie and we decided to share milk that came from a local farm.

The small packaged mini pie creates the perfect serving size.

The interesting thing about Buttermilk Sky is they don't sell their pies by the slice. In fact, they sell their pies in two sizes, a 4-inch pie and a 16-inch pie. The 4-inch pie is the equivalent of what a slice would be. Personally, I adored the fact you got a miniature pie instead of just a slice. In a way, it really personalizes the dessert for you and makes you believe you have this little pie all to yourself. I'm sure that's what my roommate thought before I snuck bites of her apple pie.

I have to say, their apple pie brings back so many memories. It reminds me of making apple pie with my mom on the Fourth of July. The apples were not overly sweet and were so crisp, you would've thought the pie was made minutes before you ordered it. The sugar crust on top really sealed the deal for me. Not only was her apple pie remarkable, but so was my buttermilk pie. There is a reason this pie became the shop's namesake. It was a tart cheesecake-like pie with all the amazing flavor buttermilk really brings out in a dessert.

All in all, I feel like I found a dessert place that really embraces all the traditional Southern ingredients that can be used in desserts. With the changing seasons, the shop also offers buttermilk-based ice creams, buttermilk biscuits and seasonal fruit pies. My goal is to try everything, but then again, if I do I might have to hit TRECS more often.

Jessica Carr is a sophomore in journalism and electronic media. She aspires to be a professional food blogger and food magazine editor. She can be reached at jcarr21@utk.edu or followed on Twitter at @jcarr_94.