Now that the sun has graced us with its presence, it is time for us girls to pull out our summer wardrobes from the depths of our closets. However, summer clothing tends to be a bit boring. Usually, the go to outfit is solid colored or denim shorts with a shirt of some kind. While this outfit is a must for lazy days around the house or for running errands, a night out with friends demands much more. There are a number of ways to spice up summer wardrobes

One incredibly easy way to change up an outfit is to add fun and colorful accessories. A simple outfit can be transformed easily with a statement necklace into a much more interesting ensemble. Statement necklaces are a must for the summer because they add a personal touch to an old dress or shorts, and make it into a fresh look.

Also, there are two other accessories that are needed for the summer: bags and hats.

Bags are another way to add another element to an outfit without actually changing the clothing. It is important to have two sizes of bags. First, a small cross body bag or clutch to carry only the essentials when going out on the town. Secondly, a large tote with an interesting element, such as an unusual color or print, will carry everything needed for an afternoon at the pool.

Another trend that is perfect for summer is hats. Hats can add new dimension to any outfit. To add flair to your beach attire, a large, floppy hat is perfect. The floppy hat will give your outfit a pop of color, and actually create a complete look, rather than just throwing on a swimsuit and running off to the beach. Also, this hat will protect the face from the harsh rays of the sun, so an all day beach trip is possible.

A popular trend among many women this summer for accessories are monograms. Monograms are very trendy because they allow women to put their own personal touch onto their clothing and accessories. One specific accessory that is the most popular is the monogrammed necklace.

These necklaces are, again, statement necklaces, but do not add color or shapes to an outfit. Monogrammed necklaces add sparkle, since the necklaces are usually gold or silver, and they give an outfit personality, depending on the type of font and size of the monogram. Monograms can be put on almost every accessory, such as bags, jewelry, and hats.

And of course, there are shoes.

That's really all that needs to be said. Arguably the best accessory a woman can wear, cute and original shoes are essential to finish off any summer look. Sandals are definitely a must for the summer because they are incredibly easy to wear and add more to an outfit than plain flip-flops. Flip-flops should only be used to wear outside when washing a car or doing yard work. Usually, shoes end up being an after thought when it comes time to walk out the door. However, shoes are necessary to create perfection.

Probably the most important item to have for the summer is the perfect swimsuit. Swimsuits are just as relevant as accessories this summer because when the cover-ups and hats come off, all that is left is the swimsuit that will be seen at the pool and beach.

Currently, mix and match bandeau bikinis are the most prevalent styles. Bandeaus are strapless bikini tops that are best to tan in to avoid any tan lines. The mix and match trend is current now because it lets women choose what kinds of bottoms and tops fit them best and to allow them to be more creative with the type of swimsuit they want to wear. So, women can wear different solid color tops and bottoms, a printed top with a printed bottom, both bottom and top prints, and so on. This way, it is rare for two women to have the exact same swimsuit, which is good since no one wants to run into someone with the same suit on.

Accessories are incredibly important and necessary in the fashion world. It is one thing to have an amazing designer dress on, but the accessories, whether they are jewelry or bags, make the outfit different from person to person. They also allow people to express themselves by enhancing their favorite dress or jeans with an interesting pendant or tote bag. In the end, the fashion world depends on accessories to complement the designs that come out of the fashion capitals of the world.