Nothing is more intriguing than people at concerts.

You'll see the few people that don't know how to dance (me), the people that dance like they have more space than they do, the people who stare in space, and the people whose blood is boiling with something a little more than the beat.

There are people who are timid, people that should be timid, screamers, clappers, snappers, and, last but not least, people who won't put their phone down the whole time – take one more picture and I swear I'll take your phone away from you.

Multitudes will show up to music concerts, but not because they have to. No, this is no bus station, library or bank. They are all in support of one commonality: They enjoy the music.

Music offers something special to us all. When your apartment looks like a tornado hit it, do you play music to get through the cleaning or listen to the beauty of dishes clanging and brooms sweeping? Do you shove your headphones in your ears to push through a workout? Who hasn't had a solo jam session on a long drive? Elevators, restaurants, shops and malls all have music playing consistently. It's unavoidable. But why do we prefer it to silence at these places?

1) Unity

At a concert, people from different areas and backgrounds of life will all clap together and sing together, dance together and celebrate together. There is no distinction between what separates them, just one symbiotic beat they all bear. We all might listen to something different, but we hear the same thing. When you're alone, the sound of your favorite song can accompany you and make you feel at home.

2) Motivation

Music will pump you up to do just about anything. Waking up? Play some of that feel good music in the shower to get your day right. Running? Play some fast-paced rap to get your blood boiling. Partying? Well, that can range from blaring Miley Cyrus to the loner by the stereo jamming out to his own favorite classic rock song. Music will get you up in the morning and put you to sleep like ZzzQuil at night.

3) Identity

If you look at my iPod, you could probably see some embarrassing music that I'll say "my little brother and I share an account" to justify. But the off chance that you admit to liking that same song will make you a friend of mine instantly. People always hear lyrics that apply to their life, for their specific situation, or for times that are hard. Everyone can find some artist, some genre, or some line of lyrical genius that resonates with what he or she believes.

That's what musicians make; they encourage unity, propel motivation and create a place for identities around the world to join. If what we do and why we do it flows through our blood, then music is the core, the melody and the heartbeat behind our actions.

Whether you are head-bumping to loud whomp whomps of Dubstep or singing "My Heart Will Go On" until your voice gives out, take a second and appreciate what musicians give us. Whether you're afraid to speak your mind or not, there is always a place to sing along to.

There is always a place to cry, to laugh and to love. There is always a song that will remind you of someone you were close to or a song that will make you excited to be with someone you're with.

Musicians are not masters of the mind like politicians nor experts of the body like doctors. Musicians are the seamstresses of our collective hearts.

Cullen Hamelin is a junior in chemistry. He can be reached at