Have you spent your entire life on a boat, or the majority in a cave?

No? Then you have undoubtedly met a person in your life that thinks they are better than you, and most likely everyone else. Some chin up, grammar-correcting hypocrite that "sees" the entire world but is oblivious to people five feet in front of them.

While these people are easily identified, many elitist tendencies disseminate like a rotten rumor through a high school. Sadly, many people, including myself, can act above another person and not even know it.

What's wrong with thinking you're an incredible person? Nothing. You should think that way. In no way is confidence a spoiler of the soul.

It becomes one, however, when that confident scent turns into a competitive stench. When you legitimately think you are better than another person, not only are you wrong, but you're completely arrogant – and here's why.

You can't quantify people. You can't quantify character, emotions or personality, and you definitely are in no place to quantify spirit.

Life is no standardized test. No amount of money in the world can make you better than me, and no amount of friends or fame can either.

How does someone, with little knowledge of his or her "lesser" counterpart, legitimately make such a big assumption? That's a fault in logic, and in the unity of people around the world, which we all try to make better or preserve.

If you honestly propel yourself on your own high horse, you are attempting to enumerate your life and compare it.

That's so great that you make so much money, or that you are so smart. It's wonderful that girls like you so much or that you have so many friends. It truly is. But does that computation of immeasurable goods define you? Do you really want to be evaluated and quantified by another person? No? Then I wouldn't do it to others.

People are meant to encompass a multitude of qualities. And sometimes we can all forget that. Sometimes we can all get lost in our own accomplishments, and boast hubris that would make a Greek tragedy jealous.

We often get so happy and lost in bragging about ourselves that we forget to listen to others. This slip is a product of elite character in our society, and we can all be guilty of it from time to time.

Do you really want to be that person that everyone dreads talking to? ***Your friends all are getting ready for a mental evaluation before every time they see you? You will never truly get to know anyone if you pursue that path because no one will trust you with subjects that are sensitive to their heart.

Remind yourself that you are a human being in the presence of other human beings. You cannot condemn society lesser, because you are a part of that society too. Don't take the first step onto your high horse, because no one belongs there.

Some people win the beauty pageant and some athletes get the trophy. Sometimes the guy you know gets the promotion and the guy you hate gets the girl. It doesn't make them better people.

Don't become the blind visionary so often found looking down on others; you will miss how beautiful the world is.

Cullen Hamelin is a junior in chemistry. He can be reached at chamelin@utk.edu.