History is a fickle thing.

It always manages to repeat itself and whatnot, and after the Supreme Court's ruling that Section 3 of the Defense Against Marriage Act was unjust, essentially granting same-sex couples full marriage rights, history repeated itself again. But it may not be a welcomed sequel.

See, there has been a drastic shift in the landscape of thinkers and builders in the United States over the past 30 years.

A "progressive-minded" person, who may have been looked on as outlandish and unrealistic, is now seen as a libertarian, someone praised for a willingness to break the mold and think outside of the box.

The only issue with that thinking pattern (which has been a staple in the foundation of America) is the Christian principles the country was built upon are now being rewritten and tossed out the window as if they were no longer the flavor of the week.

Now before you say, "But Gage, defining marriage has no impact on your religious freedom, you still can worship whomever you want to on your own time," let me show you how that is sadly not true.

In changing what the definition of marriage is, the Biblical principles that have provided guidelines for America are gone.

So quickly we jubilantly belt the chorus to "From Sea to Shining Sea" as if it were engrained within the fibers of our being.

"America, America, God shed his grace on thee."

Do we really even mean that anymore? We proclaim these sentiments but at the same time, try to eradicate any sign of "God's" existence in society. This is a double standard that causes friction, division and uprising.

That is why message boards and comment sections and mentions on Twitter are filled with "hate-mongers" spewing keyboard-clacking venom at each other, only to further enhance the disagreements with the fellow Americans.

Take the Constitution for example, constructed by 56 influential members of society in September of 1787.

What did more than half of those men have in common? A Bible-based education.

It has been etched in the lore of our history. We are a nation that has been formed upon the idea of "under God" and "God bless America" and suddenly we want to take our truth and replace it with our own version.

There's another name for that process, it may be better known as a light form of radicalism.

As a nation we have gone from a time where our parents recall not only praying in school but having the principal read scripture from the Bible in the morning.

Today? If a teacher is caught saying the word "God," they're unemployed faster than the video proving her accusation can hit YouTube. That's a problem.

While the focus of the U.S.A. has been restoring and ensuring freedom in the world, they've branched away from the most important and necessary freedom they possessed and incepted.

America took a big step on this ruling and many experts, from Fox News, CNN, ABC and NBC, even ventured to say this ruling will be a catalyst for eventually all states legalizing same-sex marriage.

Put simply, there is a time to be comforting and understanding of sensitive issues but there is also a time to stand on truth.

This nation has stood on the Bible for over 300 years and because five voter's opinions on same-sex marriage rights changed, that doesn't alter the Biblical definition of marriage whatsoever.

That is why there has been uproar. Opinions change, emotions change but Biblical principles do not.

Without religious freedom, which has been cramped into a corner and forced to adapt and hide itself under a cloak, everything America stands for changes.

"The land of the free?" More along the lines of "the land of the 'contingently' free."

When you and your family and friends celebrate the Fourth of July this year, realize this America we are praising is no longer the America we once knew. It's changing, adapting and molding – in more ways than just a decreased religious freedom.

Our foundation as a country drastically shifted last Wednesday, I'm just not sure it was for the better.