Rising- Warm weather

Yes, it is summer. And with the warmer weather means more opportunities to get out into the world and actually experience something in nature. Global climate change is creating unpredictable weather patterns -- okay, let's be honest, weather patterns were always unpredictable -- but it's still nice to enjoy what we haven't destroyed of Mother Nature's. Grab a frisbee or a puppy or a tree and your hammock and work on the Vitamin D. Pale is probably not the summer color you've been looking for.

Falling- Every Throning Heart

The popular HBO show, adapted from George R.R. Martin's legendary fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, has ended its raved-about third season, leaving many fans in tears and others in fits of rage. Regardless of the plot twists, the true spotlighted theme here is how the show transcended social groups and created a new cult classic that will continue to create conversation. Readers of the books know that next season promises more violence and nudity, the key ingredients to the HBO recipe of Americana success (see: every other HBO series).



Rising-iOS redesign is revealed

Apple announced their new iOS7 software Monday, jam-packed with new features ranging from Instagram inspired filters on the camera to sleeker, sharper typography and icons. Apple also announced that battery life has been improved for its newer models of MacBook Air laptops, which could make many commuters happy. The new update promises to make all the iPhone users in the land even more glad to read their iMessages in blue.

Falling-iOS redesign is revealed

While the popularity of the new software will be fleeting, reality starts to set in when the technological errors start to pop-up. Calibration issues and configuration problems are the usual qualms echoed by those who download the new software. Every Apple owner has the perpetual habit of blaming the new software on their technology woes. Be prepared for the inevitable overload when you Tap to Tweet and your screen goes black. That one friend with a flip phone will inevitably laugh at you, but remember, at least you don't still have a flip phone.

Rising-You may not need to visit the dentist as often

That is, if you're flossing and brushing your teeth sufficiently. A new study published Monday in The Journal of Dental Research found that the number of dental visits should reflect the current health of your teeth. So for those who aren't having many issues such as bleeding gums, sore teeth, or other ailments, skipping out on the dreaded dental chair for a bit longer may not be a big deal. Those of you who notice a UT orange hue to your molars, though, might need to get that checked.

Falling- Our idea of privacy

With the recent uproar surrounding government phone tapping and Internet surveillance, it might not be a good idea to tell So-and-So on Facebook about that hook-up last night. Chances are, John Brennan may not approve. Coupled with summer's earlier revelation that a journalist's phone records can be secretly seized by the Department of Justice, Uncle Sam is beginning to look a lot like Peeping Tom's Big Brother. Keep your secret correspondence to carrier ravens and squires.