As I stepped over cobwebs, broken glass and people that could easily be mistaken for zombies, I couldn't help but feel a bit out of place. This was the first of many college Halloween parties.

As a girl dressed in a Harley Davidson bra, underwear and heels strolled passed me, I immediately felt underdressed. I passed no judgment, just respect for this girl in the 35 degree chill and consummate creativity.

I wore a dress and a simple jacket. When people asked who I was, I couldn't come up with a clever response; they would give me an unsatisfied look and walk off. I, however, was very impressed by all their career choices, including sexy cops, sexy firewomen and sexy nuns. It was evident that I did not put as much effort in to my costume selection.

Being a freshman, I did not really know what to expect out of a college Halloween party and therefore decided not to dress up. I know the best part about Halloween is dressing in attention-catching attire and that it is a time for girls to dress promiscuously without being judged. I just didn't expect so many people to participate. I felt a bit like I was experiencing a scene out of "Mean Girls", when the main character walks into a Halloween party dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein and finds herself surrounded by girls dressed in sexy Halloween attire. Except I hadn't even put the effort into dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein in the first place.

If you were expecting me to say Halloween demoralizes women and "modest is hottest" then you're sadly mistaken. I think it's fantastic that these women participate in Halloween. Every person put effort into their costumes, when I was really expecting them to just wear tighter yoga pants and toss on some cat ears.

After having gone to a Catholic high school, I never would have thought there was a way to make a nun sexy. To be honest, some costumes should not be made sexy; looking at you, sexy Elmo, sexy Spongebob and sexy hamburger.

At this Halloween party, the guy attire also impressed me. Ranging from various super heroes, to music artists such as Macklemore and 2 Chainz, the gents made me feel even more ashamed for not getting into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up.

I hadn't always lacked in creativity though. In the past I tended to lean toward the humorous route opposed to the sexy or spooky. Last year I stuffed some pillows under my shirt and went as Fat Amy from the movie 'Pitch Perfect'. The year before I went as Kristen Wiig's character Gilly from Saturday Night Live. Going the humorous route tends to be more memorable than the sexy. There are a countless number of sexy nurses at a party but the funny ones tend to stick out more.

That's why for my next Halloween party I'm considering being a wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus' latest video. I figure my friend could be Miley Cyrus and another friend could be the infamous sledgehammer Miley licks in the video. I just don't think I can pull off the sexy costume quite as well as my fellow lady Vols.

Halloween is a time to let your creativity flow and express yourself in ways that you could never do otherwise.

My only suggestion for you this Halloween is to participate. Whether you take the spooky route and dress as a goblin, witch or demon, the humorous route, such as the classic monkey suit and banana bid, or the sexy route with the cop, nurse or flight attendant attire, it is all up to you. Just make it memorable.

Kaila Curry is a freshman in English. She can be reached at