Many people would vouch to say Miley Cyrus has become completely erotic and senseless.

I have recently been torn on my thoughts towards this child star turned – well, I guess turned into something I do not know how to define.

Part of me wants to go with the flow and agree on her rather outlandish actions being deemed as absurd, which I will admit I have at times. The concept that she is going downhill with no future ahead of her has circulated around the Internet.

This is where I think we might be wrong. Maybe Miley is not a psycho – maybe she's a genius.

In the spectrum of fame and fortune there are one-hit wonders, people that peak at a young age and lifelong stars. It all depends on the consistency of an appeal to whatever age category one is pursuing.

Miley began her show "Hannah Montana" in 2006, becoming a phenomenon among many young girls and boys. This show thrived for five years, giving Miley her claim to fame as a young star.

The plot followed a normal girl turned pop star with the addition of a wig and some sparkly clothes. Her double life allowed her to maintain normalcy while she still lived the dream of fame.

After her TV reign as Hannah Montana, Miley starred in several movies and released various albums. All the while, she slowly became less and less appealing to the pop and cinematic world, especially for her targeted age group.

Imagine if your life solely consisted of being famous. Everyone would love you wherever you went. Miley went from being one of the most praised people on the planet to being stuck in the awkward stage of no longer being a teen craze.

In order to stay at the top, one must grab the attention of those around them, and in my opinion Miley is doing exactly that.

Her transition began with "Can't Be Tamed," a song that sexualized her image, and has evolved to her most recent hits, "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball."

I have heard people saying how ridiculous she looks and that she is ruining her life, when in actuality she is making her life and profits skyrocket.

Her logic is flawed yet brilliant. She is on all the top charts and her music videos and performances are some of the highest watched clips in their respected category. Her music is on the radio constantly, and people are noticing the songs that actually have a rather catchy ring to them.

Although she may come across as a tad insane to some, I think she went into this knowing that she was going to offend most people; she also knew she would grab people's attention.

Although I am unsure if I fully applaud her swinging to and fro on a large metal wrecking ball, or the use of a foam finger as a pole on stage at the MTV Music Awards, I must say I get a little chuckle out of most people's negative rants towards her.

Here we are, broke college students, criticizing someone who is making vast amounts of money when we continue to click on her outrageous performances.

Yes, she has probably ruined any chance of people respecting her fully, but I find a tad bit of respect in the fact that she is using our criticism to support herself and make a living. Although it may not have been the route I would go to make out with inanimate objects, it has gotten her back on the top, whether it is a good or bad thing.

Next time we all watch a Miley Cyrus video to point and laugh, we should realize the joke is on us.

Annie Blackwood is a junior in communications. She can be reached at