Rising: Lives saved by YouTube

A car mechanic from Argentina named Jorge Odon watched a YouTube video on how to remove a cork from the inside of a wine bottle. The New York Times reported Odon then thought of applying the same method to babies stuck in their birthing canals. This is how the Odon Device was created. The prototype for the device was initially a doll inside a glass jar, the doll courtesy of Odon's daughter, but evolved into a plastic sleeve which would grip a baby's head, allowing a doctor to pull the fetus from it's cramped place. Doctors report the device has the potential to save babies in poor countries and reduce the amount of cesarean sections in affluent countries.

Falling: Facebook's appeal

Snapchat, a photo- and video-sharing app that deletes files after a 10-second limit, rejected a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Created by Stanford undergraduates, Snapchat came to fruition only two years ago and has quickly emerged as a favorite among young adults and college students alike. Facebook, now owning photo/video app Instagram, attempted to create a similar app called Poke, but it quickly fizzled out when competing with Snapchat.

Rising: The cost of fancy bras

Each year, Victoria's Secret hosts a televised lingerie fashion show that features musical artists and A-list celebrities sitting on the front row. This year, country belle Taylor Swift and boy band Fall Out Boy performed on stage as supermodels walked down the runway in underpants and not much else. Additionally, South African born Angel Candice Swanepoel wore a $10 million bra and belt made up of thousands rubies, sapphires and diamonds. It took more than 500 hours to make. The show was taped in New York City on Nov. 13 and will air on CBS on Dec. 10.

Falling: Obama's popularity

As Obamacare continues to struggle with internet problems, the Obama administration announced Thursday that their plans can be more expensive than the market. When campaigning in 2008, Obama promised the plans would not be more expensive. He also repeated many times that citizens could keep their current plans, another promise that is falling apart. CBS News reported the president's approval ratings are at an all-time low; Congress's approval rating has also plummeted to 9 percent.

Rising: Russell Crowe's ship

The New Zealand-born actor has played a Roman gladiator, Alaskan hockey player, genius, boxer and singing evil Frenchman, but Entertainment Weekly reported Thursday that Crowe has taken his craft to new heights – trailers for "Noah" depict Crowe saving the world with his ark. The natural disaster epic, slated to hit theaters in March 2014, gives Crowe ample opportunity to scowl, stomp and sport a sturdy beard.

Falling: Discrimination against homosexuality

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point held its first gay wedding, and across the pond the European Court of Justice mandated that persecution for homosexuality is grounds for asylum. Knoxville is also joining in the fight against discrimination – Mayor Madeline Rogero amended the city's employee benefits to encompass all domestic relationships, not specifically heterosexual ones.