Rising: Tennessee Basketball

Both Tennessee basketball teams will compete in the NCAA tournament's Sweet 16 this weekend. Junior guard Josh Richardson scored 26 points in the Vols 83-63 second-round win over Mercer on Sunday, marking the game-high and his career-high. Lady Vol senior guard Meighan Simmons played her last home game at Thompson-Boilng Arena and scored 10 of her 17 points in the second half, helping the Lady Vols pull out 67-51win over Saint John's.

The Vols will play No. 2 seed Michigan on Friday at 7:15 in Indianapolis and the Lady Vols will play Maryland in the Sweet 16.

Falling: Flight 370, into the Indian Ocean

After three weeks of speculation, rumors and searches, Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak announced Monday that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

The announcement came after representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch conducted groundbreaking investigation into the satellite data of the flight. Their analysis showed that the MH370 plane – which held 239 passengers – crashed with no known survivors. In a sad twist of modern communication, the airline sent a text message to relatives of the plane's passengers, relaying the news that their loved ones were presumed dead.

Rising: Redskins owner's Native American sympathies

Facing mounting pressure to ditch the franchise's nickname, Daniel Snyder announced Monday he plans to create the "Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation." In a letter to Redskins fans, Snyder wrote that "the mission ... is to provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for tribal communities."

The decision comes after public officials – including President Barack Obama – suggested publicly that the team discard the term that some consider offensive. The name dates back to 1933, when the team was still in Boston, Mass.

Falling: Campfield's resolution

After weeks of student outcry and administrative leveraging, Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, said he is dropping efforts to put new restrictions on UT student fees. The reports are nebulous as to why; most sources say his decision comes because school officials have pledged to take some steps voluntarily.

If those voluntary steps are truly for the Volunteers, this year may be remembered as the year students stood up against authority – or whatever you choose to call Sen. Campfield – and won. But, if these voluntary steps resemble, in any way, the tyrannical and constitutionally-irresponsible bills Campfield proposed, then the fight is not yet over.

Rising: Agony over class registration

It's that time of year – Spring Break is over, exams are looming and you have no idea what to take next semester. The rush to get that perfect schedule begins to trump the thought of studying, and the seniors among us seem to glow a little brighter knowing they have registered for the last time. Then again, that glow may be the shimmer of panic – graduation is only a few weeks away, and making sure you have all your ducks in a row can be even more stressful than signing up for said ducks.

Falling: Temperatures

Spring hasn't quite sprung. The snow was back with on-and-off flurries mixed with bits of sunshine on Tuesday. Though the rain is expected to continue throughout the week, the temperatures are expected to climb into the low-to-mid 60s by the end of the week. Get the Chacos and shorts ready.

Today's Rocky Tops and Bottoms were compiled by R.J. Vogt, editor-in-chief, and Samantha Smoak, online editor. They can be reached at rvogt@utk.edu and ssmoak@utk.edu, respectively.