Feb. 19, 1975
In the 102nd issue of its 10th volume, The Daily Beacon reported that the Faculty Senate may study price limits for textbooks. The University Book and Supply Store’s then-textbook manager Mitch Borden suggested placing a monetary limit on the total price of the books required for one course to help combat the burden on students as textbook prices rise. The article reported some professors had mixed reviews, some in favor of the policy, and some very opposed to it for fear that it would infringe on their academic prerogative.
In September of 2013, The Daily Beacon reported that Jim Stovall, professor of journalism and electronic media, said when one considers what they get out of a good textbook, students are getting a good deal. Phillip Kravstov, CFO of PostYourBook.com, disagreed with Stovall and said that the many factors between the author of the textbook and when a student finally buys the book drives the price up. Krastov said everyone who touches the book marks the price higher to eventually make a profit.
This Beacon Flashback was compiled by Online Editor Samantha Smoak.