Jan. 13, 1993

In the first issue of the 62nd volume of The Daily Beacon, the sports desk reported on the beginning of Phillip Fulmer's head coaching tenure.

Fulmer began his career at UT as a blocker, playing on the field for the Vols from 1969-1971. During his time as a player, the Vols won an SEC championship, a Sugar Bowl and a Liberty Bowl.
After several stints coaching other programs, Fulmer returned to Rocky Top as an assistant coach in 1980. After jumping from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator, he was named interim head coach during the fall of 1992, replacing the iconic Johnny Majors. On Nov. 29, 1992, he was officially promoted to head coach.
Vol fans everywhere know the rest of the story – the rise to national prominence, the arrival of Peyton Manning, the National Championship. It all began in 1993, when Fulmer kicked off recruitment season with a sound beating of Boston College in the Hall of Fame Bowl on New Year's Day. Unfortunately, Fulmer's legacy became tainted by three SEC championship losses in the new millennium, and he was eventually fired after a 5-7 2008 season. His replacement? The infamous Lane Kiffin.

Friday, the Alabama Crimson Tide announced the hiring of Kiffin as offensive coordinator, setting the stage for a raucous return to Neyland Stadium next fall. Fans and sportswriters alike have speculated that the crowd may turn unpleasant at the sight of Kiffin, the once-glorified coach who left UT behind for the allure of the southern California coast. Since his departure, the Vols have suffered through four straight losing seasons.

This Beacon Flashback was compiled by Editor-in-Chief, R.J. Vogt