Jan. 22, 1975

In the 82nd issue of its 10th volume, The Daily Beacon reported on President Gerald Ford's stern comments about the oil crisis; he said he would rather see gas prices increase than implement a mandatory fuel rationing program. Ford said a gasoline rationing program would have to stay in effect for five to 10 years and would limit motorists to approximately nine gallons of gas per week. Ford also said mandatory rationing would be unfair to commuters and rural Americans.

On Dec. 31, 2013, CNN reported a decrease in gas prices, and also reported they were set to go lower in the New Year. CNN also reported that Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst for AAA and GasBuddy.com, said the boom in North American oil production in recent years has given the U.S. the lowest price for crude oil anywhere in the world. Such is a relief to American motorists who have felt the sharp increase in gas prices in recent years. As of Dec. 31, the average price for gas in Tennessee was $3.11.

In other news, the 1975 Beacon staff reported two tavern operations on the Strip were arrested the previous day for allegedly bribing a Knoxville police officer. The article reported the two men offered a weekly payoff to Officer Billy McCoy in order to illegally continue paying off customers who were using gaming devices. For more interesting and unusual crime, check the Crimelog on Fridays in The Daily Beacon and online at utdailybeacon.com.

This Beacon Flashback was complied by Online Editor, Samantha Smoak.