Jan. 7, 1977

In its 57th issue of the 14th volume, The Daily Beacon reported on UT's inclement weather policy. The Beacon staff discovered that UT did not have a uniform policy governing university operations during bad weather. In this particular issue, the lack of policy was particularly relevant, as Knoxville experienced both snow and freezing rain. January 1977 began much like January 2014, with temperatures as low as 10 degrees for the first four days of the year.

Though it is unclear when UT developed a plan for inclement weather, the information can currently be found at safety.utk.edu. Used rarely, the current plan mandates that the Chancellor or his appointed representative close school under severe conditions. The decision is then broadcast through the school website, emails and local radio stations. Weather reports show a trend towards warmer days during the next week, so any excitement leftover from Monday's snow might as well melt away – school looks to be on.

In other news, the 1977 Beacon staff reported on the problem of bicycle-pedestrian traffic at UT, a story that has recurred over the years. In 2013, the City of Knoxville began working on Cumberland Avenue, aiming to change a "through" location into a "to" location.

This effort is focused on protecting bicycle and pedestrian traffic in the university and Fort Sanders neighborhoods. Interestingly, the 1977 story includes a quote from then-Traffic and Parking Authority Director Alan Lasater. He said buying campus streets, though not beyond the realm of possibility, would become conceivable within a few years. This year, UT looks to make good on his words and gain administrative control of Volunteer Boulevard and other campus streets.

This Beacon Flashback was compiled by Editor-in-Chief, R.J. Vogt.