While things didn't go so well for Tennessee on the court Saturday
afternoon against the Crimson Tide, the situation was much different in the
pool that morning for both the men's and women's swim team.

The eighth-ranked Aqua Vols jumped out to an early lead in points and never
looked back -- on their way to a 129-103 blowout and their 30th straight
win at the Student Aquatic Center. The 12th-ranked Lady Vols were equally
impressive, destroying Alabama 154-85.

The Vols (7-0 overall; 3-0 SEC) took one step closer to their 13th
undefeated and untied season with the win. Only the nation's second-ranked
team remains on the schedule, as Tennessee travels to Auburn next

According to head coach John Trembley, the win was significant and should
help pave the way for the Vols' stretch run, as they approach both the SEC
and NCAA championships.

"We've built on some pretty good momentum since coming back from Christmas
training," Trembley said. "We are two and a half weeks away from SEC's.
It's a matter of getting back and fine tuning things we need to work on
after what we saw today. Today was a step in the right direction as far as
getting ready for the SEC's."

Tennessee came out of the gates smoking, winning four out of the first five
events -- twice sweeping the Tide.

"We had some very good individual swims," Trembley said. "It's particularly
nice to have three seniors leave Tennessee never having tasted defeat at
home. That's become a tradition, and its been a source of pride for the
program for many years."

The Lady Vols (5-2 overall; 3-2 SEC) took the pool following the men's
action and picked up right where their colleagues left off.

Tennessee took five of the first six races, taking a commanding 44-13 lead.
The Lady Vols followed up by winning seven of the last ten races, to
thoroughly dominate Alabama by a final score of 154-85.

According to head coach Dan Colella, the meet with Alabama was not all as

"Going into the meet we felt that we were going to be in for some stiff
competition today. However, the Lady Vols were able to turn it up a notch
and rise to the occasion and just outperformed Alabama."