In a joint statement, football coach Phillip Fulmer and basketball coach
Kevin O'Neill today specified penalties for 31 student-athletes who made
unauthorized calls on the UT telephone system.

The heads of two of UT's high profile varsity sports again strongly
condemned the conduct that led to the punishment. "We will not stand by and
allow the University's good name to be tarnished by the actions of some of
our athletes," Fulmer and O'Neill said.

The coaches added: "Our athletes know they enjoy a rare privilege in being
allowed to represent UT in sports competition. It is our position that in
return athletes must be held to a high standard of responsibility."

Athletic Director Doug Dickey pointed out the investigation into the
unauthorized use of a university telephone access code is continuing and
further penalties will be assessed if developments warrant.

The Athletics Department penalties are in addition to those imposed by the
university's Student Conduct Office. They include:

Suspension from athletic
competition for the 1995 season and loss of grants-in-aid by Coach Fulmer:
Leland Taylor, Jason Parker.

Loss of $850
grants-in-aid, loss of two game tickets for season, suspension from opening
game by coaches Fulmer and O'Neill: Andy McCullough, James Smith, Tyrone
Hines, Chester Ford, Damon Johnson.

Loss of $850
grants-in-aid, loss of two game tickets for season: Cory Gaines, Craig
King, Joey Kent, Maurice Staley, Steve Johnson, Marcus Nash, Jeff Coleman,
Terry Fair.

One hundred hours of
community service, loss of two game tickets for season: Mark Levine,
Jonathan Brown, Leonard Little, Diron Robinson, Eric Lane, Tory Edge,
Leslie Ratliffe, Travis Cozart, Greg Kyler, Nick Jester, Tori Noel, John
Emery, Mercedes Hamilton, Dustin Moore, Raymond Austin, Shane

Damon Johnson and Shane Williams are basketball players, the others are
football players. In addition to Johnson's suspension from the opening game
of the regular season, Johnson and Williams will be held out of the Vols'
two exhibition games in November, O'Neill said.

Each player receiving an Athletic Department sanction agreed to the release
of his name.

Dickey said community service requirements have been added against walk-on
football players and non-scholarship athletics-support personnel.