Only a slow sports week like this could create the situation I find myself

in now: a Tuesday afternoon with nothing to write.

But, I do have a responsibility to the dedicated readers of the

Beacon, and with that in mind, I press forward with the information I

find important, or at least interesting.

Vols place seven on All-Conference first team

After leading Tennessee to an undefeated record and finishing 20th in

the nation in passing efficiency last season, Tee Martin was snubbed by the

voters and not recognized as an All-Conference performer.

But Martin found redemption this season and was voted as the top

quarterback in the SEC. Joining Martin on the list of top SEC performers

are Cosey Coleman, Shaun Ellis, Darwin Walker, Raynoch Thompson, Deon Grant

and Dwayne Goodrich.

Chad Clifton was named to the second team and, much to my surprise, Jamal

Lewis was also named to the second team.

Why a surprise?

How about these numbers: Jamal Lewis ran the ball 182 times for 851 total

yards, a 4.5 yards-per-carry average that included seven touchdowns. Travis

Henry carried the ball 125 times for 824 yards, a 6.3 yards-per-carry

average and eight touchdowns.

However, if you ask coach Fulmer, he says both backs are the No. 1 option,

and they do not even know which back is in the backfield when they are

calling a play.

Don't sweat it, though, Travis - next year you'll be the man and carry home

the hardware at season's end.

Movin' on up

After a few impressive wins, the men's basketball team moved from No. 18

to 16 in the Associated Press poll.

If the Vols keep playing with the same sense of urgency and determination,

I foresee a top-10 ranking before the men in orange drop one into the loss


Lady Vols follow suit

Unlike the men, the Lady Vols already have a loss, but that has not

stopped their ascension in the polls.

After their quality wins against Purdue and Wisconsin, Tennessee moved up

to No. 2, and with a showdown with No. 1 UConn just around the corner, the

Lady Vols could regain the place at the peak of women's basketball.

Say what?

In the you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me sports news of the week, Rae

Carruth will soon be indicted on charges that he killed his wife.

Rae, buddy, what's the deal?

No matter how bad your girl disses you, you just can't go settle the issue

in a drive-by shooting. They may have let that type of behavior slide in

Colorado, but not in the NFL.

My only hopes are that Johnnie Cochran and Jesse Jackson will not become

part of his defense team.

A look outside

Many students at this most prestigious of community colleges have

already grown tired of hearing about the presidential race, especially when

considering the election is still 11 months away.

Unfortunately for my readers, and much to the disgust of my girlfriend, I

am one of the geeks who enjoys C-SPAN and the CNN debates.

I justify my devotion of valuable space and time to politics only because

the candidate I back first made a name for himself as a guard.

First on the hard court of Princeton University where he scored 26 against

Michigan in the NCAA tournament, and then with the New York Knicks where he

led the team to two championships, Bill Bradley has a touch any basketball

fan has to envy.

Oh yeah, in between his stint at Princeton and with the Knicks, Bradley

also found the time to travel a bit. Mainly in England, where he was a

Rhodes Scholar.

Do yourself a favor a read up on the guy who wants to change America.