If you haven't yet figured out that the WWF is better than the WCW, you

must not have seen the two Monday night shows.

Since WWF was delayed for two hours due to the U.S. Open coverage on the

USA network, WCW had no competition at their time slot, but once again

failed miserably to win back fans. It was hard for me to watch it for more

than five minutes at a time. It's sad to think about the writers for the

WCW and what goes through their minds. I'm going to take over their job

today and tell them what needs to happen to win back their fans, including


Goldberg. The Man. The new champ.

His record is virtually unblemished and yet they refuse to give him another

title shot. He was the champion and his record was a mind boggling


His only loss came when he was "cattle prodded" in the back in his match

with "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, a former UT basketball player.

So next Monday night, here's what they do: ditch the whole Hummer angle and

the Hulk-Goldberg alliance and make the two fight each other for the title.

I'll definitely watch it, and many others will too. With "Stone Cold" Steve

Austin out indefinitely, take advantage WCW! That kind of match up will

slam WWF's main event.

Now with me as the writer for the WCW program we're going to turn "old

school." Do you remember the early '90s when Hulk was the champion for

lengths up to two years or so? I do. Do you also remember the Hulkamaniacs?

I do. Do you remember how popular he was and how popular the whole

wrestling world was? Of course you do. It's time to do it again.

This time it won't be the Hulk, but the 'Berg. Goldberg that is.

After he beats Hogan this Monday on Nitro he's going to hold that belt for

months, maybe years. Who knows, I might let him hold it for his whole

career. That's the way to get the WCW back. I guarantee it.

But the "real" writers can't think of that so here's what they gave us for

our viewing entertainment.

In an exhausting and boring couple of months, people such as Lugar and

Sting keep bringing up the Hummer driver. Oooohhhh!!!!

Well now they've come to the conclusion that the revamped Hulk Hogan was

the man behind the wheel. Who cares? Not me, not you, not anybody.

With the hummer issue out of the way now we can get on with more important

issues. Goldberg for example. He and Hulk teamed up against the Triad (DDP,

Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon), a quality match for the most part with big

moves from big names. The match ended with a DQ in favor of


In other eye straining matches, Rick Steiner held on to his TV title by

disqualification when Saturn ran in to interfere. Sid Vicious got his

unblemished record up to 75-0 with his interference win on Disorderly

Conduct. I don't blame you for not caring.

About the only interesting thing that happened on Nitro was the end.

One hour later the "real show", WWF Raw is War, came on. This show

was a classic, not for the matches, but for the interviews.

The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment Today, The Rock, won the

war of best showman with his hilarious interviews throughout the night. The

atmosphere of the show was remarkable at the very beginning when he made

his way down to the ring. When he started his speech, the electricity only

got higher.

After being jumped by WWF champion HHH backstage, co-owner Shane McMahon

gave both The Rock and Mankind their shot at the title. Or so we thought.

The Rock had to beat the Undertaker, scratch that, The Big Show, to move on

to HHH. Mankind was told he had to beat the entire Mean Street Posse to

move on. It ended with a huge choke slam through the announcers table on

The Rock and a DQ'd loss by Mankind. Neither was awarded. But their night

wasn't over.

Later, in another interview by The Rock, Mankind came out and proposed a

tag match for the belts between the two and the tag team champs, The Big

Show and The Undertaker. The Rock agreed with Mankind but warned him to

stay away from The Rock's lines and sayings and to just do what he says. Of

course Mankind obliged. The match was set.

After The Undertaker left his partner to fend for himself for some unknown

reason, The Big Show fell to the clutches of the double "People's Elbow"

costing them the belts. Don't be surprised to see a rematch either this

Thursday or on next week's Raw.

I hope the WCW writers were taking notes and maybe then they can come back

into contention for the ratings. It's just too bad the fools aren't smart

enough to figure it out. We'll just have to wait and see.

Edge goes to WWF's Monday Night Raw. Again.

Rumor Mill: There's really not much going on out there but there are rumors

that Rey Mysterio Jr. is talking to the WWF about signing later. Once

again, another crucial loss by WCW. Goodbye Rey. Goodbye Buff.