Vinny Mac is back!

Last Thursday on Smackdown, HHH called out Vince McMahon for a chance

at the World Wrestling Federation Championship. At first Vince refused

saying that he was no longer affiliated with WWF business but after

numerous derogatory comments about Vince's wife he could hold back no

longer. The match was on.

A chair shot to the head of Vince drew blood, but with help from arch-rival

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince got the three count and came out with the

belt. But for how long?

On Monday night, WWF Raw was led off by the newly crowned champion,

Vince McMahon, coming down to ringside. After telling the world that he no

longer plans to hold on to the belt, Vince told everyone that the winner of

the "Six Pack" match at Unforgiven would be crowned the


Then the sound of breaking glass was heard throughout the arena. Austin

obviously had different plans. Stone Cold told Vince to insert him into the

match since McMahon dropped out. HHH wasn't too keen on the idea and made

his way out also. Helmsley wanted the slot himself but Vince told both men

that he no longer had the authority to sign these matches since he had no

control of the company.

Austin reminded Vince that the only person who could reinstate him in the

WWF was Austin himself. Stone Cold told Vince that he'd let him back in if

he grants him the title shot that he deserves. Austin was granted his title

shot by Vince but not at Unforgiven. McMahon told HHH that he would

be the sixth man in the "Six Pack" match against Kane, Undertaker, Big

Show, Mankind and the Rock. The winner of this match would meet Austin for

the title.

In other matches, The Rock and Mankind teamed back up and challenged the

tag team champions, The Undertaker and Big Show, to a title match. They

accepted but said it was to be fought under "dark side" rules. What The

Rock and Mankind didn't know was that these "rules" were that anyone that

believed in the dark side was able to fight in this match. It ended up with

Mideon, Viscera and the Big Show against Rock and Mankind. It didn't phase

either Rock or Mankind as they overcame the odds and won back the belts,

after Kane came in and cleared out the "dark side."

In the main event, Shane and his father Vince McMahon were to face off

against HHH and Chyna. With Vince somehow being locked in his dressing

room, Shane teamed up with future brother-in-law Test. It was a fairly good

fight until HHH decided he'd lose his temper and knock out the ref. A

couple of low blows and Pedigrees later, HHH cleared out Test and Shane. On

his way up the ramp in celebration, Vince made his way out and knocked out

HHH with a chair.

In WCW, the main event featured Ric Flair, a 76 year old man, against

Diamond Dallas Page. Or maybe the main event was Sting against Chris

Benoit. Or maybe it was Goldberg versus Bryan Knobs. It's hard to tell

because they're all so good. Flair won even though Page dominated. Sting

held onto his belt by beating Benoit. Goldberg, well, I think you can guess

what he did.

There were two good things that actually did happen Monday night in the

WCW. Yes, that's right, good things. Goldberg went back to his old music

and Big Poppa Pump, aka Scott Steiner, made his return. Other than that the

WCW was at it's usual no-name, no-attitude, no-fun ways filling up the

longest three hours in my life. I didn't fall asleep this time, however.

That makes the show a success.

Rumor Mill--Chyna is coming out with a video of her own called, Dude

Looks Like a Lady
. This will be her second video with the first being

titled, Ughhhh!!!

Chris Jericho is rumored to do more than beat Ken Shamrock at this Sunday's

pay-per-view. Rumors are floating around that Jericho will "severely

injure" Shamrock, therefore letting Shamrock have some time off to get

ready for the Ultimate Fighting Championships.